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  • ​My 11 private prison letters that I only shared with my elite students on the outside that gave them a path to peace of mind and happiness
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"The Inside Track will show you that no matter what is happening to you or around you - you possess the inner power and ability to make the most out of even the worst possible situation. Read it. Share it. Live it!” 

 John Assaraf - NY Times #1 Best Selling Author & Featured In The Hit Show The Secret

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  • How the power of entrepreneurial thinking can be harnessed to improve someone's life (Page 106)
  • Peter Sage Breaks Down His Daily Routine step by step and how someone could use it to overcome lack of confidence and eliminate procrastination (Page 135)
  • ​Hear all about a medical accident that brings Peter to a potential suicide case where he proceeds straight into an intervention (page 167)
  • ​How to use the mind to prevent our environment or circumstances from defining us.
  • ​How Peter and Thea managed to set up “Date Night” In prison and why (page 183)
  • ​The hidden patterns that govern much of our behavior and how to change them (page 197)
  • ​How Peter Sage helps a convicted murderer find meaning in his life by helping to prevent more murders (page 217)

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