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Are you a trainer/coach struggling to scale your business?


Do you want to start a 6-figure coaching business but don't know where to start?

This is your opportunity to create or grow your business 
with our proven done-for-you, high-ticket, 
personal transformation program.

Start selling the Elite Mentorship Forum; the most successful personal growth program ever created and become one of Peter Sage’s elite trainers.

Dear friend..

My name is Peter Sage and I am a multi-best-selling international author, world renowned serial entrepreneur, 6X TEDx speaker, philosopher and teacher.

And now I am on a mission to raise global consciousness through my training programs. For the last 20 years I have taught the most successful personal growth program in the industry: the Elite Mentorship Forum: a six-month program designed for you to break through any personal limitations that are holding you back. The results of this program are life-changing and transformational for the participants.


In building my training and coaching business, I have experienced how hard it is to scale and move beyond 1-on-1 coaching...

My need to serve people with a personalized approach led me to charge higher and higher rates for my time. Not bad but I was working 100 hours a week and hit a limit to how much I could earn. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you still exchanging time for money in your business and unable to leverage your time to build one to many products. That was me 5 years ago. I trained for Tony Robbins and had private coaching clients but it was a non-scalable model.

This is currently the case for most trainers and coaches I meet:

  • They are working long hours, 1-on-1 with clients
  • They keep adding expensive credentials to increase their hourly rate
  • They are unable to spend time developing a high-ticket offer to sell 1-to-many
  • They are exhausted and frustrated but need to keep going to make ends meet

This, my friends, is the biggest lie in the coaching industry. It is not how good you are as a coach it is about how big of an impact you can make with your business. How to serve and transform many more people.


I learned from one of my mentors, Dan Pena, that the missing piece in my business was scalability. You can only grow your business if revenues are no longer depending on how much time you put into it. I had to move from IN the business to ON the business. I started creating group coaching and training programs and this is when my business exploded and took off. The impact I could make with my teachings just multiplied and likewise my revenues. 


Many coaching certification programs in the market are focussed on getting you credibility. You do the course you pass the exam and you get to put another certificate on the wall and are still left to your own devices to figure out how you are to recoup your investment in the program by selling your time.

Certificates don’t make you a good coach. Only the effective application of the knowledge you learned helping people transform their lives does. The problem is you will have to figure out how to effectively apply your knowledge all by yourself.

This is what I will teach you: A proven transformation program combined with best practice marketing and sales support. Now this will not only make you a great coach and trainer but also multiply your business. We don’t get you to pass our exam so you can put a certificate on the wall, we help you build your business and get you a ready to sell product that can generate you a monthly six-figure income right from the getco.

So in short this is what the Elite Mentorship Trainer program offers you:

  • You will experience first hand the Elite Mentorship Forum transformational program by participating in it
  • You will learn how you can teach this program to others
  • You will have a ready-to-go high-ticket product to add to your offering
  • We will teach you how to best market and sell this high-ticket product so you can multiply your business to 6 figures per month 
  • You will join my Elite Trainer community where you can share with and learn from all the other Elite Mentorship Trainers who are running the same business as you
  • You will learn how to work fewer hours and make more money


The Elite Mentorship Trainer is a done-for-you high-ticket training/coaching product for coaches and trainers who want to instantly scale their business. As an Elite Mentorship Trainer you will sell and teach the Elite Mentorship Forum program.

The Trainer program runs parallel while you go through the Elite Mentorship Program yourself to learn first-hand how powerful the transformation of this program is. 

The EMT program is built up as follows:

Part 1: 
Setting you up to win

  • Overview of the EMT program
  • How and why EMF works

Part 2: Becoming an Elite Trainer

  • Creating Powerful Identities (student to trainer to entrepreneur)
  • Bonus: Create a powerful identity live
  • Energy Management (physical, mental, energetic)
  • Powerful Communication
  • Sticking to the Script

Part 3: Logistics made simple

  • Running effective Q&A calls
  • Running effective Community calls
  • Managing the Facebook group
  • From signup to graduate - the EMF journey

Part 4: 
Take off - your journey to 6-figures and beyond

  • Revisiting your goals
  • How to generate all the clients you can handle

Access to the Sageclopedia

  • EMF Trainer Reference: over 500 pages of reference material to help you answer questions in the Q&A calls
  • Inside Track Trainer Reference: so you can refer to the Inside Track in your teachings
  • Straight Talk Trainer Reference
  • Examination
  • Reseller agreement to resell EMF

We want you to be successful therefore we not only get you ready to teach and run the Elite Mentorship Forum as your own product but we will make you a successful business owner to grow your business to six figures and beyond.

And that is not all, we also give you the complete EMF marketing pack you can use to build your business!

What Is The Elite Mentorship Forum?

If you become an Elite Mentorship Trainer you will be ready to sell and teach the Elite Mentorship Forum (full details can be found here: www.petersage.com/emf).

EMF is a comprehensive six-month program designed for you to break through any personal limitations holding you back. 

You take this journey with an amazing like-minded peer group that will inspire true growth and success. Over 24 weeks, you will learn the most powerful, life-changing knowledge to create lasting transformation. You will unlock your fullest potential and live at a higher, deeply fulfilling level.

How Does EMF Work?

EMF is split into THREE Phases with FOUR modules in each phase.

 Let's go through each one in detail...


Successfully uncover the hidden beliefs, patterns and emotional blocks (positive and negative) that have led you to where you are. Identify limiting thinking and replace it with empowering new habits.

Why start here?

Simple. Because no plant can survive if its roots are too shallow. Just like no building can stay up if the foundations aren’t strong. Sure, it may look good from the outside, but as soon as a storm comes, it’s starts to crumble. Many people are like that. Trying desperately to look good on the outside, while being emotionally fragile or empty on the inside. So, by going deep below the surface FIRST, we get to uncover hidden beliefs, patterns and emotional blocks (both positive and negative) that have caused you to be exactly where and who you are today.

Modules 1 - 5:

  • Learn how the world really works (create more abundance in your life)
  • ​Accelerating your journey to mastery (achieve excellence faster)
  • Mastering abundance (a new way to look at creating wealth)
  • ​Mastering emotions (instantly disarm negative emotions and never let them sabotage you again)​​​​​
  • ​Mastering the four primary relationships (with yourself, time, a higher power, and others)


Understand the key difference between people who succeed and those that fail in any area of life. You will shift your relationship to money, wealth and abundance - as part of your new compelling personal mission.

If you have a strong foundation but you lack purpose and direction then most days feel like groundhog day. There’s a spark missing. Did you know that one of the most searched questions in personal development is "How do I find my purpose?" And the problem is that so many people go off and start this desperate and fruitless search only to end up back at square one.
Now phase two covers the four aspects that go into you discovering your purpose and then living your life in that direction. Then life takes on new meaning. That’s the time it’s easy to get up early and stay up late and have more energy on less sleep. That’s the spark I’m talking about. And there are four steps we cover that, if you are going to go out and do this on your own, you’ll want to follow.

Modules 6 - 9:

  • The power of concentration (achieve the impossible by leveraging complete focus)
  • ​Authenticity (benefit from new opportunities presenting themselves effortlessly)
  • ​Goals reinvented (make your goals work for you without frustration or wasted energy)
  • ​Multiple personality puzzle (become majestic as you solve the different parts of your  personality puzzle)


Intentionally design, create and install your brand-new upgraded psychology. You will complete your transformation and experience a higher existence - greater success, joy, fulfillment, and freedom from harmful thinking.

Remember, it took me years to crack this formula and do the research. But it all leads to phase three.

Phase three is called REINVENTING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH LIFE and here is where things really kick up a gear because now we are building on four months' of previous work. And what follows is an advanced series of modules that literally rebuilds and re-sculpts your inner world to set you up for a lifetime of higher levels of success. And, like the other phases, it’s in four parts.

Modules 10 - 13:

  • Dissecting your psychology (understand what drives you at the conscious and subconscious levels)
  • ​Permanently rebuild your psychology (redesign your mindset from the ground up)
  • ​Advanced ​​​​​​​levels of consciousness (understand the full 17 levels of consciousness that exist)
  • ​Creating your legacy (discover your True North and align with your truest purpose)

Each of the twelve modules are delivered to your inbox every two weeks in a set of videos, worksheets, and exercises. You have a week to study the material and do your homework before you then get on a live Q&A call with me to go over the lessons.

In summary, if you become an Elite Mentorship Trainer you will receive:

1. Elite Mentorship Forum Training

A 6-month journey of transformation so you can live a more fulfilling life of flow, joy, and fulfillment.

The Elite Mentorship Forum Includes:

  • 6-Month Proven Transformation Program
  • ​12 Core EMF Modules - (Three phases designed to bring you to 'through-me')
  • ​6 Months Of Group Q&A Calls With Me - (I will answer any question you have)
  • 2 Mystery Guest Speakers - (This is kept a guarded secret)
  • ​12 Modules Workbooks - (YES, I do set homework)
  • VIP Ticket To My Annual Festival - (You will meet all your peers and me in person)
  • 11-Part Pre-Study Straight Talk Course With Worksheets - (Valued at $1,000)
  • High-Level Peer Group - (Peers that will inspire and ensure accountability)
  • Accountability Partner And Buddy
  • Lifetime Access To A Closed Community Group
  • ​Lifetime Access To The Study Materials - (You go over the material as many times as you wish)
  • ​Lifetime EMF Alumni Membership

2. Elite Mentorship Trainer Program

Become an Elite Mentorship Trainer and start selling done-for-you high-ticket products to get you to six figures or more.

The Elite Mentorship Trainer program Includes:

  • 6-Month Program To Become A Trainer
  • ​6 Months Of Group Q&A Calls With Me - (I will answer any question you have)
  • ​12 Modules Workbooks
  • Quarterly Checkin Calls With Me And The EMT Team
  • High-Level Peer Group Of Fellow Trainers
  • Lifetime Access To A Closed Community Group
  • ​Lifetime Access To The Study Materials - (You go over the material as many times as you wish)
  • ​Lifetime EMT Alumni Membership

3. The Team Sage Done-For-You Marketing Package

  • EMF Marketing Masterplan
  • Email Swipe Files
  • Website Swipe Files
  • The Right To Use My Images In Your Communications
  • Social Media Swipe Files

From My Heart to Yours,